The Cyansky HS6R headlamp is displayed with the background of a man wearing the LED rechargeable headlamp and watch faraway
The Cyansky H3 multicolor flashlight changes color among white, green and red, while a deer is shined by green light and aimed.
Two polices are performing law enforcement with Cyansky K3 tactical flashlights same with that in the palm.
Polices are taking law enforcement with Cyansky IR flashlight like the flashlight showed.
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Product Categories and Applications

predators night hunting flashlightBuilt-in Color Filter Hunting Lighting Gear for Predators Hunting

police and self tactical flashlightTactical Flashlights for Police Law Enforcement and Self-defense

outdoor activity flashlight waterproofOutdoor Flashlights for Camping, Hiking and other Casual Activities

mini edc flashlightEDC Flashlights for Car Pendant, Kid’s Gift, and Personal Collection

led headlamp handfree
LED Headlamps for Pathfinding, Searching & Rescuing and Work

Featured Products

cyansky h3 light
H3 Long-range Hunting Flashlight (White, Green, Red)

cyansky h5 light
H5 Long-range Hunting Flashlight (White, Green, Red)

cyansky k3 light
K3 Long-range Tactical Flashlight (600m, 1600 Lumens)

cyansky p25 light
P25 Highly Bright Tactical Flashlight (600m, 1600 Lumens)


Cyansky make quality products and seem to be a great up-and-coming brand. This Cyansky K3 LED Tactical flashlight is no exception. This is the first SFT-40-W flashlight I’ve seen, and the performance is quite good. The Cyansky K3 Tactical offers great build quality, and looks nice too!
Cyansky were brave with their innovation and in my opinion they have pulled off their color filter switch successfully. The flashlight industry could do with more LED flashlight manufacturers trying new things, so I commend Cyansky for this.
The Cyansky P25 budget LED flashlight kit is sporting the world famous Cree XHP70.2 LED. Very nice beam performance and with its included 21700 cell you will have all the power you need to get the best runtimes as well. The USB Type C charging system quickly charges your battery to get you back up and running.
Charles BridgTec
Charles BridgTec
When I needed to replace a wheel bearing on my son’s car. I wore it the entire time, and it was such a joy to have Cyansky rechargeable headlamp wherever and whenever I needed it instead of having to move my portable garage light constantly.

About Us

The man equipped with tactical gear is climbing the mountain persistently, representing the culture of Cyansky Light.

Established in 2017 in China, CYANSKYlight Co., Ltd ( is a company that integrates R&D, manufacturing, sales and customer services. CYANSKY is specialized in top-level LED flashlights, LED headlamps, and accessories for predators hunting, shooting, outdoor adventure, law enforcement, EDC, and so on.

Hearing about the news that many places are suffering great loss or even casualties from predators, to offer easy and high-performance lighting gear for hunters, CYANSKY invents built-in color-filter technology, which means long-range beam throw without separate color mounts.

After several years of Research & Development, Cyansky lighting gear has gone into the five continents and an online store ( is available. CYANSKY would be always committed to offering top-level LED lighting gear and service around the world! Read More>>