Wild boar hunting is a dangerous sport, even for experienced hunters. Beginner boar hunters should be especially careful when tracking the animal as feral hogs can be aggressive, particularly if they feel challenged or if their babies are in danger. If you are a new hunter or would like to master the knowledge of wild boar hunting, the following 5 useful tips for wild boar hunting will help you a lot.

The hunter hiding in the grass is preparing the wild boar hunting.

1. Wild boar Near Water Resources

Wild boar cools their bodies in the water or mud because they don’t have sweat glands. Thus, the first place to go boar hunt is near water. Water and wet mud is their primary source of cooling. Therefore, hot-weather time is one of the best wild boar hunting times in one year.

2. Attractive Food Sources for Wild Boar

It’s best to learn about and identify the natural food sources wild boars love. Normally, wild boars are close to the places near the open farms fields, clover, or other areas with greenery as they can find the food source easily. Wild boars are omnivorous animals, which means they eat wide kinds of plants but will also eat small mammals, birds, insects, worms, etc.

3. Prepare Before Your Wild Boar Hunting

Preparation is the key to success and boar hunting is no exception. When you are planning a boar hunting trip, it’s best to start feeding corn or similar crops near a natural water source on your property based on Tip 1 and Tip 2. If you want to get the game faster, baiting close to water sources may be an option for quickly bringing in wild boars.

4. Wild Boars Hunting at Night

The best time to hunt wild boar is at night. Why would we say that? Nighttime is cooler and not easy to be found by hunters, so they can find food at their will. They are more active and more willing to come out of cover and into open fields. The easiest method for hunting wild boars at night is to use LED flashlight for hog hunting to illuminate them, without spooking them.

The best hog hunting lights must be the appropriate color, or wavelength, to prevent from scaring away wild boar. Last month, we’ve talked about What’s a Good Flashlight for Feral Hog Hunting, helping you find the tips with a multicolor flashlight for wild boar hunting.

While, some night hunters prefer night vision or thermal optics over lights. They choose IR flashlights with the NVG. IR is the special light with a shorter wavelength and naked eyes can’t see it. So the Night Vision Device (or Night Vision Goggle) is a must when using an IR flashlight.

5. Look for Signs

When wild boars come through an area, they will leave obvious signs. The most common one is large craters in the ground where they dig as deep as 3 ft to get as much edible plant as possible out of the soil. If you see these signs on the property that you’re boar hunting, look around for a trail and follow the trail to see where they come and where they’re going. Follow the boar trails to find where they enter and where they leave the property. If there is fencing, check the fence for hair to see where they go through the fence.

And their other sign is feces. The next step is you use the same way to find them by following their trails. This can be beneficial for you when determining where you should start boar hunting.

Final Thought

If you are green and want to get a real safe and successful wild boar hunting, go with the experienced hunters and learn and master the knowledge before you take hunting by yourself. And you’d better find companies or at least keep yourself posted to your family or friends. Wish you have a harvest hunting.

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