About Us

CYANSKY is the inventor of long beam throws multi-color flashlights with patented built-in filters. Then, there is no worry of hurt for your eyes, nor frightening the animals away. And you don’t need to suffer the pain from mosquito bites. The most important is, you don’t have to take a separate mounting of filters anymore!

Established in 2017 in China, CYANSKY light is a company that integrates R&D, manufacturing, marketing, and sales. We are focusing on top-level flashlights, headlamps, and accessories for hunting, shooting, outdoor adventure, law enforcement, and EDC.

CYANSKY team roots from a group of outdoor enthusiasts. We are fanatics for hiking, caving, camping, and cross-country running. We understand how different it is with different gears. We share with our customers the same definition of the right gear as we fully understand what they have been through.

We are always committed to providing eco-lighting tools and services for outdoor enthusiasts around the world to make their outdoor journey safer and more enjoyable.

Brand Culture

Cyanskylight - brand culture



✅ Easy switching among red, green and white lighting
✅ Beam distance 400-600m

Outdoor Activity

✅ Extremely reliable for all weather all season
✅ Perfect balance among size, performance, and cost

Law Enforcement

✅ High output with beam distance over 600m
✅ Tactical switch
✅ Zirconium bezel for self-defense and window breaking in emergency


✅ Extremely small size and lightweight
✅ Perfect balance between brightness and runtime

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