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hunting lighting gear, cyansky lightWho is Cyansky Light?

CYANSKY  pronounced [‘saiænˌskai], means the sunny and blue sky in the harmonious ecosystem. Cyansky is the preferred band of hunting light gear. It’s the inventor of long beam throws multi-color flashlights with patented built-in filters.

Established in 2017 in China, Cyanskylight Co., Ltd (www.cyanskylight.com) is a company that integrates R&D, manufacturing, marketing, and sales. We are focusing on middle to high-level LED flashlights, LED headlamps, and accessories for hunting and shooting, police tactical law enforcement and self-defense, outdoor adventure, EDC, and so on. CYANSKY team roots from a group of outdoor enthusiasts.

After several years of Research & Development, Cyansky lighting gear has gone into the five continents. CYANSKY would be always committed to offering top-level LED lighting gear and service around the world!

cyansky light culture

Cyansky Brand Culture

Slogan:  Explore unknown, professional lighting.
Cyansky Light wants all the users to see further and go further with our LED lighting gear at night. Further, we hope the ecosystem will go further by hunting the predators with our hunting lighting gear.

Positioning: Focus on providing easier LED lighting gear and service for predator hunting around the world!

Mission: To make ecosystem more harmonious

Vision: To be the world’s preferred brand of hunting lighting gear

Value: Innovative · Pragmatic · Efficient · Grateful


Predators HuntingOne feral hog is aimed at during hunting process

✅ Built-in (not extra) color filters
✅ Easy switch among red, green and white light for hunting
✅ Long-range Beam distance

Law Enforcement & Personal Use Police Performing Duty and Law Enforcement

✅ High output and Long-range Beam
✅ Tactical switch with Strobe
✅ Zirconium bezel for combat and window breaking in an emergency

Outdoor ActivitiesThe couple wearing headlamps are taking outdoor activity

✅ IPX8 Waterproof for all weather
✅ 2 Meters impact resistance
✅ Perfect performance with compact size

Keychain, Gift, CollectionCyansky M2 EDC keychain flashlight put on desk with the coin and pen

✅ Extremely small size and lightweight
✅ Best brightness-size ratio
✅ EDC Titanium Flashlight Optional

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