Cyansky frequently asked questions

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Cyansky Light has set an online store for worldwide users of our products, you can purchase Cyansky flashlight & headlamp directly from the store. If you have found the defect on our product, we’ll recommend the local dealer for change or we’ll support you directly if there is not a local dealer in your area.

Cyansky provides a 5-year warranty period for lighting gear and a 2-year warranty for chargers and batteries under normal working conditions. Cyansky warranty service does not cover any damages or failure caused by some human factor or force majeure. Check our warranty items now.

  1. Please unscrew the tail cap to take the insulating film out between battery and tail cap contact.
  2. Screw the tail cap tighter if possible (But do it slowly and not break it.)
  3. Please check if there is any contamination and clean and dry the battery poles and contacts with alcohol.

  1. When the battery is low (only three or fewer power indicator lights are on), the flashlight does not have access to turbo mode. You need to fully charge the battery.
  2. This flashlight has automatic thermal management. It will automatically decrease the output in order to prevent overheating.

Press the side button (tail switch for M2 and M3) for 1.2 seconds so you switch between normal mode and strobe mode.

Generally, after the light gets fully charged, there is only a small amount of current transferring when being connected to the charger, which will not hurt the battery. But we do not recommend always keeping the flashlight connected to the charger.

The flashlight features IPX8 waterproof and dustproof, the reason is probably dust or vapor from the air, bag or gunpowder congealed onto the outside of the lens. Just clean the outside of the lens thoroughly before use.