Meet the 3000 lumens Flashlight for search and rescue

3000 lumens flashlight for rescue

CYANSKY P25 is a super bright rechargeable and compact rescue flashlight with 3000 lumens output and 150 hours runtime with 4 output modes and Strobe, good for use in various situations. As illustrated in the user manual of Cyansky P25 flashlight. But what makes the 3000 lumens flashlight for search and rescue. Advanced LED Technology […]

Cyansky K3 – the featured search and rescue flashlight

Cyansky K3 is the world’s first flashlight adopting Luminus’ SFT-40-W LED. The LED flashlight beams a maximum of 600 meters and 1600 lumens, twice as much as a similar size light. Therefore, the K3 flashlight torch is considered the featured search and rescue flashlight in an emergency. Best Beam-to-size Ratio Cyansky Light brings a great […]

Choose Cyansky flashlights for Your Night Off-Road Driving

It’s much more popular for many off-road drivers to enjoy adventuring at night as well as during the day, no matter on rainy, freezing or snowy days. Safety is vital and gear for safety is key for the night off-road driving adventures. Cyansky flashlights meet your demand for your adventures in any weather condition. The […]

Cyansky M1R —— The Almighty Lighting Assistant

multifunctional keychain light

What is Cyansky M1R? Cyansky M1R is the multifunctional keychain light which beams white, red and UV light. The mini flashlight is housed with full metal — Aviation-grade aluminum alloy with hard anodizing surface. It features key size: 50mm length and 19.5g weight. The colors are optional among cool black, burgundy and desert yellow, up […]

Cyansky Flashlight Batteries Gain PSE Certificate

pse certificate flashlight

To meet the requirements of Japanese customers, Cyansky Light performs PSE certification test for the high-power Li-ion batteries equipped on the Cyansky flashlights and headlamp, and gain official approval. What is PSE Certificate? The PSE mark is a mandatory certification mark required for many electrical appliances and materials entering the Japanese market. Products requiring the […]

Cyansky Light to Issue the multi-functional Keychain Light Sooner

New demands are always inquired by the flashlight key opinion leaders and Cyansky customers. “Does your M3 flashlight is designed with lock function?”, “Do you have any new device to be issued?”, “I want a small flashlight with UV function and colored red.”, and so on. The inquires never end. Cyansky Light appreciates that the […]

Why should a soldier take a red LED flashlight?

A led flashlight beams red light on the fence.

You can find from the movies or hear that the soldiers always take the red LED flashlights or headlamps when performing military observation, patrolling or actions. Have you ever wondered why the flashlight has to be red? What is a red flashlight used for in the military? Why should a soldier take a red LED […]

7 tips To Choose The Best Hunting Flashlight

The Cyansky H3 hunting flashlight with other tactical gear

Outdoor hunting is more than just fun except professional predators hunting. You can’t help but show off when you get an abundant hunting harvest. Tactical hunting gear, especially the flashlight for night hunting, is key to successful or failing hunting. How to choose the best hunting flashlight? Following the 7 tips. The best hunting flashlight […]

Cyansky Light Updates M3 mini EDC Titanium Flashlight

new mini size m3 titanium flashlight held by two fingers

Cyansky M3 is a mini titanium flashlight for everyday carry, ultra-durable, compact, and powerful, beaming a maximum of 700 lumens and 73 meters. The M3 titanium EDC flashlight is designed with one switch, and it’s easy to operate for power on/off, modes changing from low, med, high, turbo and strobe. We have received the optimized solution […]

7 Thanksgiving Gifts to Make Your Staff Enjoy Lives

It is becoming more and more popular to give thanksgiving gifts to express gratitude for staff, coworkers, clients, etc. It has been more than three hundred years since the first Thanksgiving Day in 1621, and over time, it is more than a symbolic day to give thanks for a plentiful harvest but also to show […]