Why Should We Take Night Hunting?

A man taking a night hunting with his dog aside.

Night hunting is becoming more popular in many areas around the corner. As more animal knowledge is known and technology becomes more advanced, night hunting is becoming a highly effective method for controlling predators and fun in the part-time. But why should we prefer and recommend night hunting? Local Regulars and Rules Always keep in […]

How to Choose a Best Headlamp

A couple wearing the best headlamp rechargeable go camping.

You can’t ignore the convenience of a rechargeable headlamp when you are operating by both hands or want your hand free. Most headlamps today use LEDs as their light source. LEDs are rugged, energy-saving and long-lasting. But how to choose a best headlamp for your purpose? Here are several main features of the LED headlamp […]

What Makes a Best Police Flashlight

The security guard takes the police flashlight for patrolling.

You’ll have to need one tactical flashlight if you are one policeman, security guard, bodyguard or military personnel to keep the surrounding environment and protected personnel safe and sound. However, with so many tactical police flashlights on the market nowadays, how to choose the best tactical police flashlight is challenging you. Today, we’ll talk about […]

“Lumen Race” Can’t Make a LED Flashlight Win

The high lumen LED flashlight beams long-range white light ahead.

LED Flashlights with over 1000 lumens or even several thousand lumens are popular on the market. Many flashlight manufacturers are unreconciled to be left behind or in the general public, and they think higher lumens make their flashlight outstanding and win. Then, the “lumen race” begins. But we will say, “lumen race” can’t make a […]

LED Flashlights Empower Night Hunting

led flashlight empower night hunting

Light-emitting diode, or LED, light bulbs improve the lives of people around the world, especially those who live far from electrical grids. Extremely energy-efficient and consume up to 90% less power than incandescent bulbs, LED lamps improve access to education and healthcare, decrease reliance and use on fossil fuels and coals hugely. In the other […]

What Makes a Best Tactical Flashlight for Self-defense?

The EDC tactical flashlight held by one hand beams high lumens white light.

A tactical flashlight is a great self-defense gear. There are nearly 100-model tactical lights on the market. You may be foggy or even cheated to buy one improper tactical flashlight. So before shopping, you need to know what makes a best tactical flashlight for your everyday carry. Let’s explore now. Palm-size Even if it’s necessary, […]

10 Necessary Tactical Gear for Military and Law Enforcement

A man backpack with professional tactical gear.

When talking about tactical gear, most people will probably associate them with security defense and law enforcement. Actually, tactical gear is becoming more popular among fire and rescue teams, hunters, outdoor survival and even self-defense. It’s even equipped with you, while you don’t think it tactical. Here we will talk about the 10 necessary tactical […]

6 Tips to Keep Night Hunting Safe

We have talked about the 7 Steps For A Successful Night Hunting, from Government Restrictions, Tactical Locations, Colorful Hunting Lighting, Game Attracting Call, Feral Hog Hunting, Wait and Be Patience, and Be Safe. Today, we’ll talk about the 6 tips for hunters to keep night hunting safe. Table of Content Always Be Careful with Your […]

7 Steps for A Successful Night Hunting

night hunting for feral hog with green hunting light

You may be imagining is possible to take a night hunting and how to make a successful shot? Hunting at night also requires a different mindset and different technology compared with day hunting. If you are thinking about going hunting at night, there are 7 steps for a successful night hunting you’ll need to keep […]

How to Operation The HS6R Rechargeable Headlamp

Cyansky HS6R rechargeable headlamp with headband mounted.

The HS6R rechargeable headlamp issued by Cyansky Light is greatly appraised by the world’s famous LED gears reviewers. “I used the HS6R on a trip to the beach and a prolonged camping trip, and at night there was a lot of moisture in the air, but there was no condens”, by Nick from 1Lumens. But […]