Uses of Tactical Flashlight You May Not Know

In our last article, we share the general tactical uses of flashlights for police security or self-defense. Other than the simple use of tactical lights, there are some higher-level uses of tactical flashlights you may not know yet. Although they are less common, only tactical lights have the properties necessary to achieve the objectives in […]

What Can You Do with a Tactical Flashlight

blinding tactical flashlight, tactical torch

A tactical flashlight can do a lot to police law enforcement and self-defense, of course, it depends on how the manufacturer designs to equip the light. Today, we will talk about what you can do maximumly with a tactical flashlight. In our last article about tactical light, we talked about the tips to choose a […]

Tips to choose a good tactical flashlight

The Cyansky K3 flashlight is handheld in the palm tactically.

If you need a tactical flashlight with high entertainment and help with outdoor survival, you need to carefully make a choice. The LED flashlight needs to be strong enough, and its lifespan and battery are long and durable also. This article will introduce you how to choose a tactical flashlight. The reason to chose a […]

New Multi-color Flashlight Technology

The Cyansky new flashlight technology which it changes the white, green and red color by rotating the color switch.

White light helps you a lot indeed when you do some outdoor activities, like hiking, caving, search and rescue, and even tactical self-defense by blinding the opponent’s eyes, etc. Flashlight technology innovates fast in the past decades and people’s requirements for flashlights are also growing. While, in the room or house, the room is limited […]

What’s a Good Flashlight for Feral Hog Hunting

The forests are losing and land is being desertizated resulting from human’s abnormal activities. For the sake of living, feral hogs have to come into people’s living areas, causing amounts of conflicts with people. Hunting hogs, no matter by self or recruited hunters, is a must in many areas around the world. It must have […]

How to Purchase a Kids Flashlight?

The mini size kids flashlights held in one hand.

Kids love adventure. To make sure their adventure is safe and pleasant, the flashlight is a necessary tool. Moreover, flashlights can be one of the most useful and powerful weapons for them to conquer the fear of the dark and make them more visible to vehicles on street. This can be especially useful for kids wearing darker clothes. Even at home, a flashlight would be helpful for kids […]