Cyansky Flashlight Batteries Gain PSE Certificate

pse certificate flashlight

To meet the requirements of Japanese customers, Cyansky Light performs PSE certification test for the high-power Li-ion batteries equipped on the Cyansky flashlights and headlamp, and gain official approval. What is PSE Certificate? The PSE mark is a mandatory certification mark required for many electrical appliances and materials entering the Japanese market. Products requiring the […]

Cyansky Light to Issue the multi-functional Keychain Light Sooner

New demands are always inquired by the flashlight key opinion leaders and Cyansky customers. “Does your M3 flashlight is designed with lock function?”, “Do you have any new device to be issued?”, “I want a small flashlight with UV function and colored red.”, and so on. The inquires never end. Cyansky Light appreciates that the […]

Cyansky Light Updates M3 mini EDC Titanium Flashlight

new mini size m3 titanium flashlight held by two fingers

Cyansky M3 is a mini titanium flashlight for everyday carry, ultra-durable, compact, and powerful, beaming a maximum of 700 lumens and 73 meters. The M3 titanium EDC flashlight is designed with one switch, and it’s easy to operate for power on/off, modes changing from low, med, high, turbo and strobe. We have received the optimized solution […]

Cyansky Light to Release Its First Infrared Flashlight

The Cyansky K3-I8 infrared flashlight is put in the hand.

To meet the requirement of our clients, Cyansky Light will release its first infrared flashlight – K3-I8 after several months’ research and development. Much different from the previous lighting gears, this IR flashlight allows you to monitor your target for a long time, aim at and shoot the target conveniently and precisely without being exposed. […]

How to be a Cyansky Affiliate and win 10% Commission

A man gets money after being Cyansky affiliate for some time

We regret that the affiliate program has been affected because we change the domains of our official website and online store. Fortunately, all the things recover now. This article shows the detailed operation instructions about how to be a Cyansky affiliate and win a 10% commission from our online shopping store. Step 1: Visit the […]

Free Your Hand – Cyansky HS6R Rechargeable Headlamp

The Cyansky HS6R rechargeable headlamp is hold in hand.

For many times, you were imagining how great if you have one more hand to carry your necessary gears when you are having outdoor activities or industrial operations, which is growing up in your mind when the night comes. There it is, Cyansky Light issues the high lumens rechargeable headlamp – HS6R for you. Cyansky […]

Cyansky Light’s Official Website and Store are Updated

Cyansky official website and the online store information with a man climbing mountain background.

It is of a high probability that you may have a long vacation at this time or during the past few weeks. To give you a better visiting experience of our website when you come back, Cyansky Light team has been working hard to expedite the building of our website since the end of June, […]

Cyansky Light Releases K3 Tactical Flashlight

Cyansky K3 tactical flashlight torch held in hand.

With over 14-year experience in the LED flashlight industry, Cyansky Light goes faster than its competitors, for a startup. After the two mini-size keychain flashlights M2 and M3, outdoor flashlight P20, H3, and H5, tactical flashlight P25, we just released the K3 tactical flashlight in May, 2021. The palm-sized handheld K3 is the first flashlight to adopt […]