Cyansky Light’s Official Website and Store are Updated

Cyansky official website and the online store information with a man climbing mountain background.

It is of a high probability that you may have a long vacation at this time or during the past few weeks. To give you a better visiting experience of our website when you come back, Cyansky Light team has been working hard to expedite the building of our website since the end of June, […]

Cyansky Light Releases K3 Tactical Flashlight

Cyansky K3 tactical flashlight torch held in hand.

With over 14-year experience in the LED flashlight industry, Cyansky Light goes faster than its competitors, for a startup. After the two mini-size keychain flashlights M2 and M3, outdoor flashlight P20, H3, and H5, tactical flashlight P25, we just released the K3 tactical flashlight in May, 2021. The palm-sized handheld K3 is the first flashlight to adopt […]