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Are you a blogger, product reviewer, or social media influencer interested in flashlight, outdoor gears, tactical gears, or gunshots? Or are you a travel enthusiast, explorer, or usual night activist? Do you have a base of loyal readers and fans? Are you great at writing, talking about, or taking photos of new things to your readers or fans? Join Cyansky Light.

Not only dedicated to providing easier lighting gears and service for hunters around the world, but Cyansky Light products can be applied to more areas practically and tactically, like night reading, walking, camping, hiking, caving, bicycling, self-defense,  and law and enforcement, helping with users’ activities freer,  braver, and safer.

Both we and customers will benefit from the Cyansky products, which also help you gain the fans and readers maximumly. You can either email us at, or subscribe with the following contact form.

Be An Affiliate

Cyansky Light sets a high commission at 10% for all the affiliates on the shopping store ( Here are the operation instructions about how to be a Cyansky affiliate and win the 10% commission.

A man gets money after being Cyansky affiliate for some time