To meet the requirements of Japanese customers, Cyansky Light performs PSE certification test for the high-power Li-ion batteries equipped on the Cyansky flashlights and headlamp, and gain official approval.

pse certified led flashlight batteries

What is PSE Certificate?

The PSE mark is a mandatory certification mark required for many electrical appliances and materials entering the Japanese market. Products requiring the PSE mark fall under two categories regulated by the Japanese Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law (DENAN). These categories are Specified Products (Category A) which include 116 products, and Non-specified Products (Category B) which include 341 products.

Specified Products listed under Category A must be PSE certified by a METI authorized third-party certification body. These products must display the “Diamond PSE” mark. The validity period for “Diamond PSE” certification may range from 3 to 7 years depending on the product type.

For Non-Specified Products listed under Category B, compliance is still required, but registration may be done through a qualified certification body or compliance may be self-declared by the manufacturer. Category B products must display the “Circle PSE” mark which may be self affixed and does not have an expiration.

Which Cyansky Batteries Gain the PSE?

From the definition, the Li-ion battery belongs to Category B and is marked as “Circle PSE”. This time, Cyansky Light sent three types of batteries including BL2150U(21700, 5000mAh), BL1826U(18650, 2600mAh) and BL16340U (16340, 700mAh), and all the batteries that were sent out have passed the tests.

In Cyansky Light, the BL2150U battery is Cyansky H3 and H5 hunting flashlights, Cyansky K3, K3-I8 and P25 tactical flashlights; BL1826U (with/without rechargeable port) is for P20 outdoor flashlight and HS6R LED headlamp; BL16340U is for Cyansky M3 titanium flashlight.

That is to say, all the flashlights except for the batteries for M2 and M1R from Cyansky Light have “gained” the PSE certificates, and Cyansky products go to the Japanese markets officially. All the Japanese users have the chance to enjoy the Cyansky flashlight & headlamp.

About Cyansky Light

Cyansky Light focuses on the middle to high-end LED flashlights and headlamps. We are focusing on top-level LED flashlights, LED headlamps, and accessories for hunting and shooting, police tactical law enforcement and self-defense, outdoor adventure, EDC, and so on.

Now Cyansky products have been going into every corner of the world to brighten their daily and adventure life in the dark, helping them see further and go further. If you would like to enjoy the product by yourself, go to Cyansky online shopping store and buy there. If you have an interest in wholesaling or being a dealer, contact us for free.

Cyansky Light welcomes the business for both end-users and wholesalers or dealers. You can shop Cyansky flashlight and headlamp from online shopping store and Amazon (partial), and contact us directly to become a wholesaler or dealer. Action today.

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