Cyansky K3 is the world’s first flashlight adopting Luminus’ SFT-40-W LED. The LED flashlight beams a maximum of 600 meters and 1600 lumens, twice as much as a similar size light. Therefore, the K3 flashlight torch is considered the featured search and rescue flashlight in an emergency.

Best Beam-to-size Ratio

Cyansky Light brings a great design onto K3 search and rescue flashlight – with a head diameter of 40mm. However, it beams a maximum of 600 meters, twice as much as a flashlight with a similar size, suitable for long-distance pathfinding and salvees searching.


With a length of 151mm, less than 6 inches, the K3 search and rescue flashlight fits your palm very well during the searching process. A total of 200g weight doesn’t add too much for everyday carry and also the search and rescue process.

Easy Operation

The K3 long range flashlight is designed with two tactical switches – the tail switch is for momentary-on and the side switch is for consistent-on. Thus, the rescuers can perform the searching and rescuing work with the consistent-on mode (Optional low-medium-high-turbo mode) and send signals to your partners or the salvee to tell them your location with the momentary-on or strobe mode.

What’s more, the K3 is shelled with an aero-grade aluminum body with a thread finish, so the flashlight won’t drop onto the ground easily while you hold it vertically.

Crafted for Harsh Environments

The palm-size but high-performance tactical flashlight is shelled with the hard aluminum alloy with an anodized finish, 2-meter impact resistance, IPX8 waterproof (2-meter Submersible) and works under -30~50 centigrade environment. It’s really a masterpiece crafted for harsh environments.

21700 Rechargeable Lithium Battery

The Cyansky K3 is powered by the 5000mAh 21700 rechargeable lithium battery with multiple protections. It’s capable of being charged and discharging for 500 cycles, equal to the power of 3000pcs AA batteries. So, you don’t need to worry that the flashlight drops during the searching and rescuing processes.

Zirconium Bezel

The K3 search and rescue flashlight is embed three rigid zirconium bezels onto its head, helping rescuers with close combat or break windows to avoid casualties and save people’s lives in a race against time.

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