It is of a high probability that you may have a long vacation at this time or during the past few weeks. To give you a better visiting experience of our website when you come back, Cyansky Light team has been working hard to expedite the building of our website since the end of June, and it’s done smoothly.

The official website is now under the domain of, which was the domain of Cyansky Light’s online store a few weeks ago. But now, we changed the store domain to All of the actions give clearer identification to our distributors, users and visitors, as well as to integrate our official website and store to our company name “CyanskyLight Co., Ltd” and brand “Cyansky”.

Cyansky, pronounced [‘saiæn,skai], means the sunny and blue sky in the harmonious ecosystem. The purpose of CyanskyLight Co., Ltd is to better a harmonious ecosystem by providing easy-use and reliable hunting lighting gear for hunters.

The screenshot of Cyansky official website shows the K3 tactical flashlight and the polices are using the flashlight torch.
Screenshot of

There are five main parts included in our official website, Product, News, Service & Support, About and Contact. You can find five product catalogs, including Hunting Flashlights, Tactical Flashlights, Outdoor Flashlights, EDC Flashlights and Headlamp under Product Menu. The News Menu is for visitors better understand our Company Events, Knowledge Center and Blog. If you want to learn about our service principle, warranty details and other supports, go to Service & Support Menu. For general inquiry, or you want to become a dealer or influencer, go to Contact Menu. If you think Cyansky is new to you and have a great interest in Cyansky, visit About Menu to learn about our Brand, Quality Assurance and FAQs.

All the lighting gears, LED Flashlights and LED Headlamps, are available for users to buy now in our store You can learn about our Shipping Policy, Return & Exchange, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use under our Service & Support Menu.

The screenshot of Cyansky online store shows the flashlight categories.
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If you are interested in taking any CYANSKY light, please kindly go to our official store, or contact us for an authorized local dealer. The light you purchased from official or authorized channel would get 5 year free warranty and through-life warranty support.

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