With over 14-year experience in the LED flashlight industry, Cyansky Light goes faster than its competitors, for a startup. After the two mini-size keychain flashlights M2 and M3, outdoor flashlight P20, H3, and H5, tactical flashlight P25, we just released the K3 tactical flashlight in May, 2021.

The palm-sized handheld K3 is the first flashlight to adopt Luminus SFT-40-W LED. With only 151 mm length and 40 mm diameter head, the tactical torch can reach up to 600 meters with 1600 lumens, twice as much as the same size light in the market.

The polices are holding the guns mounted with the Cyansky K3 tactical flashlight like that in the palm.

As the advanced LED tactical flashlight, The zirconium bezel equipped onto Cyansky K3 helps you easily handle close combat against the enemies and break windows in an emergency. Additionally, the optional gun mounts and remote switch can fully meet your tactical needs in different scenarios.

The police is aiming at a criminal suspect, illuminated by the handheld tactical torch equipped with a zirconium bezel which can break the window or combat an opponent.

Similar to the other Cyansky LED flashlights, the K3 still adopts the dual-switch control for power on/off and brightness or strobe adjust separately.

Powered by a 5000mAh rechargeable 21700 Li-ion battery, the torch can work for more than 100 hours and the maximum brightness reaches 1600 lumens.

In addition, it works with you under rugged environments, like rainy, snowy, mountains, caves, and so on thanks to its excellent quality. It features an Aluminum hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish, IPX8 waterproof, 2-meter impact resistance with working temperature from -30 to 50 cent-degree.

The K3 tactical flashlight is a masterpiece craft, featuring anodized hard aluminum alloy, zirconium bezel, low to high working temperature, 2 meters impact resistance and IPX8 waterproof.

You can explore more features and parameters of K3 Tactical flashlight here.

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