New demands are always inquired by the flashlight key opinion leaders and Cyansky customers. “Does your M3 flashlight is designed with lock function?”, “Do you have any new device to be issued?”, “I want a small flashlight with UV function and colored red.”, and so on. The inquires never end.

Cyansky Light appreciates that the KOLs and customers tell us the marketing demand and product improvement. Good news is coming, Cyansky will sooner issue the multi-functional keychain light —— M1R.

Cyansky Light has issued the M2 keychain light and M3 EDC titanium flashlight, the two best performance-size ratio mini EDC flashlights on the markets. The lights are hot on the markets and popular with parents and their children. While some users want more functions with similar sizes. The coming keychain light M1R makes it.

Designed with the size of 50*23*10 mm, M1R multi-functional rechargeable keychain light features triple output —— white light, red light and UV light. This is an all-in-one multi-functions integrated light device controlled by one switch button.

The white light beams a maximum of 200 lumens and around 80 meters (The distance needs to be confirmed), featuring high, medium and low modes. The low mode white light is for repairing work, the med mode is for walking in the dark and the high mode is good for your faraway watching and exploring.

The red light allows the illumination in the dark more comfortable but does not disturb the innocent. Think about that when you are walking on the road, the red light of the mini keychain flashlight improves your night vision but does not hurt your eyes. You can read with the red light with your roommate not disturbed. And the red flicker mode keeps you safe and sound for your walking and cycling with the flashlight hung behind you.

The most amazing function is the UV light equipped on the mini keychain light. It performs perfectly at the aspects of currency detection, fluorescent and brightener inspection, material impurity inspection, jade evaluation, and so on. You will imagine where you can use UV light in your life.

The M1R multi-functional flashlight is probably issued officially in the middle of December. Want more details? just keep noted with us.

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