Only in real usage scenarios can the performance of the product be truly tested.

A professional expedition team spent the past three days exploring the deepest known cave in China – the Qikeng Cave (depth -1020 meters).

The lighting equipment equipped for this adventure is a Cyansky 21700 headlamp HS7R and a long-range EDC flashlight K3V2.0.

Cyansky HS7R is specially designed for tasks such as caving, search and rescue, inspections, mine operations, and industrial operations. It is powered by one 5000mAh 21700 Li-on battery, With a 2800lm cool white spotlight and a 2000lm neutral white floodlight, dual switch to control spotlight and floodlight independently, and with intelligent light sensor function, equipped with a multi-purpose detachable stainless steel bracket and the magnetic tail design makes it flexible, and suitable for a variety of application scenarios.

The Cyansky K3 V2.0 is a palm-size, long-range LED flashlight. Equipped with Luminus’ newest SFT-40-W LED, the flashlight features a maximum brightness of 2,000 lumens and a max of 700 meters beam throw. It has the longest range among 40mm head-diameter flashlights. It uses a classic tactical attack shell design and is equipped with high-hardness zirconium beads that can easily shatter glass and perform tactical missions.

After real use testing, the expedition team was very satisfied with the performance of the Cyansky HS7R headlamp. With two batteries, the 48-hour battery life is sufficient, and the K3 flashlight is powerful enough for long-range pathfinding.


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