For many times, you were imagining how great if you have one more hand to carry your necessary gears when you are having outdoor activities or industrial operations, which is growing up in your mind when the night comes. There it is, Cyansky Light issues the high lumens rechargeable headlamp – HS6R for you.

The Cyansky HS6R rechargeable headlamp is hold in hand.
Cyansky HS6R Rechargeable Headlamp

Cyansky HS6R is designed with a very compact and beautiful design, with the size of 85mm (Length) *40mm (Height) *35mm (Width) and a weight of 110g without a battery. Equipped with the rechargeable 18650 Li-ion battery, it gives a proper feeling no matter you wear it around your head or a helmet.

Why did we say it features high lumens? The HS6R has three output lights, one main spotlight with a maximum of 1200 lumens, controlled by the side switch, one auxiliary floodlight with a maximum of 500 lumens and one auxiliary red light, both controlled by the top switch. The two switches work separately or simultaneously, the rechargeable headlamp can reach a maximum of 1400 lumens with both the main light and white auxiliary light working. Check how to operate Cyansky HS6R rechargeable headlamp here.

The HS6R headlamp frees your hand when you are taking a running, hiking, climbing, faraway watching, searching and rescuing, and you can even read a map or book at night with its red light. And it tells you to recharge with the signal when the battery is low. You don’t need to worry that it power off suddenly.

The LED headlamp, worn around the head or helmet, supports a 90 adjustable angle by pivoting up or down for multi-directional illumination. Shelled by a full metal housing and sealess mounting, it features IPX8 waterproof (2-meter underwater), 2-meter impact resistance and can work normally under temperature from -30 to 50 centigrade.

You can inquiry to be a Cyansky dealer or shop the Cyansky HS6R directly for your own use.

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