When the LED lamp is working, it converts electrical energy into light energy. During the conversion process, only a small part of the electrical energy is converted into light energy, and most are converted into heat energy. Therefore, you feel the head of the LED flashlight is hot when it is working, and the heat comes from high-power LEDs. This is called heat dissipation.

The Cyansky K3 LED flashlight is performing heat dissipation vividly.

Generally, if you feel the heat quickly, that means the internal components of the flashlight have high thermal conductivity, and the heat is spread quickly and dissipated very well. This is a normal heat dissipation phenomenon. Conversely, if you don’t feel the heat in the shell of your flashlight, it means that the heat is accumulated inside the LED and its components, which is dangerous to the LED and the components. The lifespan of the LED will reduce sharply because it is working in high-temperature conditions whenever it’s lighting. The same goes for the components, which can’t bear the high temperature for a long time, and their lifespan also decreases sharply.

Another bad impact caused by a poor heat dissipation flashlight is, the core part of the LED will turn yellow and the brightness will drop fastly and hugely, maybe by a half very soon. This is because the long-time high temperature causes the LED to age too fast. Then the light color shot by this LED is weak or abnormal.

High quality LED flashlight is designed with corresponding heat dissipation and current control to ensure that the LED can work at a proper temperature. There are three things about the heat dissipation from the LED to the outside of the flashlight.

* Heat generated by the LED.

* Heat conducted from LED to the LED carrying board. (And a little heat is dissipated to the room of the flashlight.)

* Heat conducted from the LED carrying board to the surface, and then into the air.

In addition to the above design factors, the material is also a great matter to help with heat dissipation. The top-rated LED flashlight adopts a copper board to carry the LED, and the LED carrying board and the PCB are different but connected well. Copper is a great material in not only the current transferring but also heat transferring. The copper board is connected to the inside wall of the flashlight shell or housing, which is made of dark anodized aluminum.

This is what Cyansky Light does, and it is a great reason why the team is so great at managing heat. Not only the light with one color, but Cyansky Light is also the top brand to manage heat dissipation even onto the tripe color flashlight. The article New Multi-color Flashlight Technology tells about the new patented design from Cyansky Light. Hope it helps you at a distance.

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