We regret that the affiliate program has been affected because we change the domains of our official website and online store. Fortunately, all the things recover now. This article shows the detailed operation instructions about how to be a Cyansky affiliate and win a 10% commission from our online shopping store.

Step 1: Visit the Affiliates Panel of Cyansky Store: https://s2.affiliatly.com/af-1045986/affiliate.panel (AF-1045986 is the Affiliatly Code of Cyansky Store.)

Cyansky affiliate login page.

Step 2: Click “register here” and go to the register panel. Fill in the necessary information and click the “Register” button.

Cyansky affiliate registration page

Step 3: You will receive an email for login and Cyansky Light will approve your application. Before being approved, you cannot log in and operate your account.

Cyansky affiliate login approve application email
Cyansky affiliate page before approved by Cyansky Light.

Step 4: Be sure to set the Payment Method, the affiliate platform only accepts Paypal right now but you still need to choose and confirm it.

Cyansky affiliate member profile page

Step 5: Generate the links and share them to win the commission. Please collect and remember your affiliate link https://cyanskystore.com?aff=”Your ID”. Or you can general the HTML code for your bog. If the user visits the Cyansky Store via your shared link (Be sure to add the code ?aff=ID at the end of every URL link when sharing) and purchase the light, you will get the 10% commission.

Cyansky affiliate member info page with affiliate ID
Cyansky affiliate link generator page

Example: Let’s say your ID is 100. You can share your link like this.

  1. Amazingly, Cyansky Light invents the world’s first multi-color flashlight with color filter built-in, explore their store try the product now: https://cyanskystore.com/?aff=100

2. Amazingly, Cyansky Light invents the world’s first multi-color flashlight with a color filter built-in, try the light now. As HTML, it shows as below.

Cyansky affiliate link sharing html code

If you still have any questions about how to be a Cyansky affiliate, feel free to let us know: marketing@cyanskylight.com

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