You can’t ignore the convenience of a rechargeable headlamp when you are operating by both hands or want your hand free. Most headlamps today use LEDs as their light source. LEDs are rugged, energy-saving and long-lasting.

But how to choose a best headlamp for your purpose? Here are several main features of the LED headlamp you need to pay attention to.

A couple wearing the best headlamp rechargeable go camping.

Headlamp Beam Type

Flood Light: The LED headlamp with flood light is useful for outdoor activities like camping, running, climbing, industrial work, and reading. Generally, flood light do not throw light a long distance.

Spot Light: The focused and narrow spot light on the best headlamp enables long-distance viewing, which is used for long-distance watching, searching, road navigation.

Headlamp Light Output (Lumens)

Lumens are a unit of measure that gauges the total quantity of light emitted in all directions by a light source. Typically, light with high lumens will consume more energy than light with lower lumens.

So, you may think the higher the lumens, the brighter the light. In most cases, yes—but not always. How well a headlamp manufacturer design and produce can impact how those lumens are utilized.

Headlamp Beam Distance

Needless to say, a headlamp’s fundamental purpose is to illuminate a target area. Lumens tell you how brightly a best headlamp glows (at its source), while headlamp beam distance tells you how far it goes (to a surface you want to be illuminated).

Headlamp Run Time

This feature gives you a sense of how long your headlamp will last per full charge. However, similar with the LED flashlight, professional LED headlamp manufacturers design 3-5 switches with variable brightness and distance level, thus, the run times vary. You need to read the parameters carefully before taking shopping.

Headlamp Weight

Most headlamps, with batteries included, weigh less than 7 ounces and are of similar size. You won’t take care of the differences in headlamp size and weight until you find the extremely high-power model. Some have top straps and external battery packs that add bulk. The best headlamps are designed for special uses, rather than general illumination.

Headlamp Brightness Levels/Modes

As talked above, most headlamps offer at least a high and low mode, some even with 3-5 brightness levels or lighting modes.

Strobe (or Flash) mode acts as an alert, emergency blinker or SOS.

Low mode is the standard mode used for most tasks such as camp chores or walking along an easy trail at night.

Med mode is provided on some models simply to give people more choices.

High mode is a good option for situations where you simply need or want more light.

Turbo mode is found on just a few models. This mode is nice to have when you’re really curious about something that is hard to see at night. The turbo mode on the best headlamp consumes a lot of battery power and generates high heat.

Headlamp with Red Light

Many headlamps offer a red-light mode. Red light does not attract mosquitos as the white light do, so it’s good for nighttime use.

Water Resistance

Most headlamps sold on the market are able to withstand some degree of exposure to rain and snow. (They can handle modest drops and jolts, too.) The best headlamps can tolerate dust, and 2-meter underwater immersion.

Headlamp Lighting Angle

Sometimes, you have to watch high and low positions. It’s a nice option to adjust the best headlamp up and down. It lets you position the beam exactly where you want it. This is especially convenient to adjust the angle without pick off the headlamp.

Headlamp Power On/Off

If you’re trying headlamps at a store, try out the switch button to see which one to control which LEDs, which one to change the lighting modes, or even lock the headlamp to prevent it from being accidentally turn on inside a pack.

Battery Power

Comparing with alkaline batteries, lithium batteries powering the best headlamps is a good choice. They tend to have a higher energy density, voltage capacity and lower self-discharge rate than other rechargeable batteries. It’s also lightweight and does not add weight to your headlamp. Li-ion batteries are able to be recharged hundreds of times and are more stable.

Rechargeable or Not

The “rechargeable” we are talking about does not refer to the battery, but the best headlamp kit with a charging port on the device. Many brands have been designing and manufacturing rechargeable headlamps maturely. Thanks to this feature, you don’t have to uninstall and pick up the battery when its battery is low. Just open the rubber plug and chargeable the device directly easily and conveniently.

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