The HS6R rechargeable headlamp issued by Cyansky Light is greatly appraised by the world’s famous LED gears reviewers. “I used the HS6R on a trip to the beach and a prolonged camping trip, and at night there was a lot of moisture in the air, but there was no condens”, by Nick from 1Lumens. But some users are still not very clear about how to operate this headlamp. Now, let’s explore together.

Firstly, let’s talk about its structures and featured performances. The HS6R rechargeable headlamp is designed with two separate switches. The top switch controls the main light, which beams a maximum of 1200 lumens narrow-angle spotlight. While, the top switch controls the auxiliary lights, one wider angle white floodlight, with a maximum of 500 lumens, and two red lights. The maximum beam reaches 1400 lumens when both the main white light and auxiliary light are on.

Cyansky HS6R rechargeable headlamp with headband mounted.

How to Power On/Off?

Press and hold the top switch or side switch power button for 0.5 seconds to power on or off the light.

Main Light Changing Modes?

Press the side switch for different outputs when the light is on. The light will cycle through Low, Med, High, and then Turbo mode.

Auxiliary Lights Changing Modes?

Press the top switch for different outputs when the light is on. The auxiliary light will cycle through low white, med white, high white, constant red and flicker red sequentially.

Memory Function?

Yes, the LED headlamp features a memory function. When the lights are on, it will automatically go to the last selected lighting mode before power off.

How to Adjust the Light Angle?

After the correct installation of the headlamp with the frame, bracket and band, the rechargeable headlamp can be adjusted by pivoting up or down for a maximum of 90° for multiple directional illuminations.

A Cyansky HS6R rechargeable LED headlamp wearing around the hat.

How to Charge the HS6R headlamp?

The headlamp supports Type-C USB charging. When it’s battery low, open the protective cap on the charging port and connect the coming TYPE-C cable to your power adapter. The charging indicator will display red while charging and turn green when the light is fully charged.

It will take 3 hours for a full charge with a circuit speed of 2A, please do remember to unplug the charging cable and put back the protective cap for better waterproof and dustproof performance. You can activate the light for normal use at low mode or the red light while it is in charge.

You can monitor your battery status and make a plan for good use of the rechargeable headlamp and perform recharging thanks to the dynamic real-time battery level indicator.

Battery >80%, green light; Battery 50%-80%, green light blinking; Battery 20%-50%, red light; Battery <20%, red light blinking.

Battery Low Warning:

When the battery is low, the light will flash 3 times every 5 minutes to remind battery replacement or charging.

Low-voltage Downshift:

When the voltage is lower than 3.0V, the light will automatically step down to a lower brightness level till the battery runs out.

Intelligent Self-Protection Circuit Design?

Protection based on Time:

When the light work on the Turbo mode (1200 lumens) for 1 minute, it will automatically switch down to 1000 lumens to avoid overheating.

Protection based on Temperature:

When the heat is over the safety data, the output will automatically step down to reduce the temperature, when the temperature is lower than the safety value, the output will gradually increase.

A cyansky HS6R headlamp is being charged

Tip: During carry, please loosen the tail for about half-circle of twist for a disconnection so as to avoid unintended activation. An unintended activation in a backpack or pocket for a long time may run the battery out and burn out surrounding objects due to heat.

Cyansky Light is the premium rechargeable headlamp manufacturer established in 2017. Not only the rechargeable headlamp, but Cyansky has also issued middle to high-end LED flashlights for hunting, tactical, outdoor activities, and everyday carry.

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