CYANSKY P25 is a super bright rechargeable and compact rescue flashlight with 3000 lumens output and 150 hours runtime with 4 output modes and Strobe, good for use in various situations. As illustrated in the user manual of Cyansky P25 flashlight. But what makes the 3000 lumens flashlight for search and rescue.

Advanced LED Technology

Cyansky P25 LED flashlight adopts the advanced XHP70.2 LED technology from CREE, which delivers the industry’s widest portfolio of high-performance LED components. XHP70.2 LED, with the size of 7.0mm x 7.0mm, is the new generation of LEDs that deliver the lowest system cost through the best lumen density, reliability and color consistency.

Best Brightness-to-Size Ratio

Cyansky P25 beams a brightness of 3000 lumens at a maximum of 192 meters. You may not consider it a surprise in the market as there are many LED flashlights with this brightness level. But check the head size of the flashlight — 29mm. Actually, there are not too many flashlight manufacturers that can reach this brightness with the head of this diameter.

Wide-angle Flood Light

In addition to its high brightness, the Cyansky 3000 lumens flashlight beams a wide-angle flood light with the perfect and smooth spot. This allows securers a wide angle of view and easier to find the target or their belongings.

Powerful Lithium Battery

The Cyansky P25 3000 lumens flashlight is powered by the 5000mAh 21700 rechargeable lithium battery. It works for 3 hours consistently in the turbo working mode and 150 hours in the low mode with 30 lumens output, more than 6 days. Furthermore, the battery for this flashlight is designed with multiple protections to keep the safe when working and allows for 500 charging-and-discharging cycles. You can power it with a compatible 18650 battery instead.

Compact and Portable

The rescue flashlight is so compact with a size of 147mm in length and around 160g with the battery inside. You don’t even feel the weight while holding it for several hours. With the equipped accessory, you can carry it in your hand or pocket, wear it with its lanyard around your arm, fix it on your backpack or waist.

Adapt To Harsh Environment

The portable rescue light torch is capable of working in various harsh environments thanks to 2-meter impact resistance, IPX8 waterproof (2-meter Submersible), and -30~50 centigrade working temperature. You don’t need to worry about it drops when performing searching and rescuing jobs in a harsh environment.

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