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Patent Name: One Switchable Lens(Color Filter) Structure

Patent ID: ZL202020207567 .7

Patent Purpose:  This new patent design aims to solve the existing design of white light and other light sources on the same product. The lights have different optical systems, and the existing design method can not make the two kinds of light have long range performance and poor heat dissipation.

Patent Illustration: The utility patent discloses a structure of a switchable color filter, which relates to the technical area of the color filter, including a bracket, gear, and a lighting holder. The bracket connects the gear, the gear indentedly joints the inner gear, the inner gear fixed onto the turnplate and they rotate simultaneously, the inner gear drives the gear and the gear drives the color filter to rotate, the structure of the bracket is designed with corresponding positioning point, the lighting holder has a
the position-limit mechanism, which positions the different color between the lighting source and reflection cup or optical lens.

Patent Name: One Rechargeable Flashlight without Opening the Tail Switch

Patent ID: ZL201821795038.2

Patent Illustration: The utility patent discloses a flashlight that can be charged without opening a power switch, and relates to the field of flashlight. From top to bottom, it includes a cap assembly, a base component, a body assembly and a tail assembly. The tail assembly includes A tail, the A tail is designed with a conductive spring which connects the A rail positioning slot, the tail assembly is provided with a fixed conductive component, the 3M circuit board is set onto the insulated fixed mount, which provides a charging port and is built conductive sheet inside it. The conductive sheet is soldered to connect the 3M circuit board and conductive spring. One transmission mount is provided at the side of the conductive sheet and it contacts with the torsional spring, the other end of the conductive torsional spring is slidably arranged on the dustproof part of the charging port, which provides a transmission driving rail to drive the conductive torsional spring, and the positioning rail is provided on the dustproof part of the charging port.

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