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New Hunting Flashlight Technology

Have you failed night hunting just because you lost the color filters? With Cyansky new hunting flashlight technology, users can easily switch and choose the white, green and red light from the hunting torch. The heat dissipation management is still premium because it’s one LED lamp powered. Users don’t need a separate color mounting, which is easily forgotten or lost.

Long-range Night Hunting

Cyansky hunting flashlight series beam a maximum of 400-600 meters long-range distance in white light, and the green and red light reach at least 120 meters, safe enough for your faraway shooting and retreat.

High Brightness

The hunting flashlight beams a 1300-lumen brightness in white light and the green and white lights are 300 and lumens each. They are one of the best hunting flashlights on the markets for predator hunting, such as feral hogs, coyotes,  foxes, hyenas, and bears, etc, so as to help build a more harmonious ecosystem.

Tough & Durable

All the hunting flashlights from Cyansky are IPX8 rating waterproof and dustproof. What’s more, they feature 2-meter impact resistance and can work under a temperature from -30 to 50 centigrade. They are suitable for wild and countryside night hunting in all weather.