H3 Multi-color Hunting Flashlight (1300 Lumens / 400M)

✅ Main Application: hunting and shooting illumination
✅ Lighting Colors: White, Green, and Red
✅ Unique Design: Multi-color filters built-in
✅ Maximum Output: 1300 lumens / 400 meters
✅ Battery: 1*21700/1*18650/2*CR123A
✅ Charging: Type-C USB Port
✅ Weatherproof: IPX8 waterproof and 2-meter impact resistance, -30-50℃ working temperature

The Cyansky H3 is the world’s first multi-color flashlight with the color filter built-in, specially designed for hunting and shooting illumination. With this unique design, the hunters can switch the color among white, red or green light and don’t need a spare color mounting, which is easily forgotten or lost. Delivering the lights with a maximum of 400 meters and 1300 lumens, the hunting flashlight features great performances for predator hunting, like coyotes, feral hogs, kangaroos, raccoons, foxes, etc.

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