K3-I8 Long-range IR Tactical Flashlight (5000mW / 350M)

✅ Main Application: Military Observation and Action, Police Law Enforcement, Hunting and Shooting
✅ Lighting: Infrared
✅ Maximum Output: 5000mW/350 meters
✅ Battery: 1*21700/1*18650 Li-ion Battery
✅ Charging: Type-C USB Port
✅ Weatherproof: IPX8 waterproof and 2-meter impact resistance, -30-50℃ working temperature

The CYANSKY K3-I8 IR flashlight is equipped with one 850 nm 5000mW infrared LED lamp. With the compact design, the tactical flashlight beams a maximum of 350 meters long-range distance, perfect for a long time watching, monitoring for military and police, and predator hunting.


Long-range Tactical IR flashlight

CYANSKY K3-I8 is a tactical IR flashlight equipped with one Osram 850 infrared LED, the palm-sized K3-I8 can reach a maximum of 350 meters beam distance without being exposed. The compact and palm-size IR flashlight features a hidden light effect for any tactical use.

Polices are conducting law enforcement with firearms mounted with Cyansky IR flashlight same with the flashlight showed

Compatible with Most of the NGV

CYANSKY K3-I8 flashlight is compatible with most of the night vision devices in the world. Together with NVG (Night Vision Goggle) or NVD (Night Vision Device), the infrared illuminator flashlight features good invisibility and low interference, which is great for tactical night hunting, watching, and military operation.

The man is watching ahead with tactical IR flashlight powered by one 5000mW OSRAM IR 850nm LED.

Compact but High Power

CYANSKY K3-I8 features a compact design, portable and lightweight, palm-size for hand and pocket-holding, but beams a maximum of 350-meters long-range Infrared light.

The handheld infrared flashlight is palm-size, portable and lightweight with 350m beam distance.


The double gold-plated springs ensure reliable contact inside the infrared flashlight, shockproof for shooting and other tactical scenarios.

The Cyansky infrared illuminating flashlight adopt double gold-plated springs for strong impact resistance for tactical and hunting scenarios.

Compact for Everyday Carry

The 1-inch palm-size body is convenient for handholding, hanging with a clip or packing in the holster to free your hands.
Cyansky tactical IR flashlight is 1 inch diameter compact design for Everyday carry.

Tactical Momentary and Constant Power On/Off

The one-tail tactical power on/off design allows the operator to deliver momentary IR signals to your mates secretly, as well as constant power on for long-time observation.

K3-I8 tactical infrared flashlight features one switch control for convenient power on/off.

High Power and Eco-friendly

The infrared illuminator flashlight is powered by a 5000mAh rechargeable 21700 Li-ion battery with Type-C Charging port and is compatible with the 18650 battery, powerful and eco-friendly.

The long-lasting IR tactical flashlight torch adopts 21700 5000mAh Li-ion battery and can reach 5-hour runtime.

Strong and Adapt to Bad Environment

The tactical IR illuminator is shelled with the hard aluminum alloy with an anodized finish, 2-meter impact resistance, IPX8 waterproof (2-meter Submersible) and works under -30~50 centigrade environment.

The masterpiece IR illuminator torch adopt hard anodized aluminium alloy, featuring 2 meter impact resistance, IPX8 waterproof and working temperature from -30-50 centigrade.

High-performance Tactical IR flashlight

The tactical IR flashlight is specially designed for tactical night hunting, watching, and military operations.

The tactical infrared flashlight is designed specially for long distance watching, hunting, and military use.

Personalized Tactical Accessories

Cyansky Light provides abundant reliable gunmounts and remote switch to mount the tactical flashlight together.

Cyansky Light provides a series of gun mounts and remote switch to match the IR tactical torch to meet your tactical use.

K3-I8 Beam Capacity

The chart informs us of the high capabilities of the IR illuminator light.

The table tells the capability and parameters of the infrared tactical torch

What are in the K3-I8 packing box?

The IR illuminator flashlight torch, 5000mAh Type-C 21700 battery, Holster, Charging Cable, O-ring, Metal Clip, Lanyard, User Manual, Warranty Card

The infrared flashlight package include the flashlight, battery, holster, charging cable, spare O-ring, metal clip, lanyard, user manual, warranty card.


infrared flashlight parameters

Operation Instructions

Power On/Off:

The power on/off operation of K3-I8 IR flashlight is simple. Just fully press the tail switch to constantly turn on the IR flashlight and press again for off.

Low-voltage downshift:

When the voltage is too low, the IR flashlight will automatically step down to a lower brightness level till the battery runs out.


  1. If the IR flashlight will not be used for an extended period, remove the battery.
  2. Strictly prohibited for children’s operation.
  3. Do not put the IR flashlight with the Li-ion battery in it into the fire, otherwise, it will explode.
  4. Do not put the IR flashlight with the battery cover opened into the water.
  5. Do not reverse the positive and negative of the Li-ion battery or your separate battery.

Warning: IR is invisible to naked eyes. Please unscrew the tail of the IR flashlight by a half-turn to avoid accidental power-on.


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