If you need a tactical flashlight with high entertainment and help with outdoor survival, you need to carefully make a choice. The LED flashlight needs to be strong enough, and its lifespan and battery are long and durable also.

This article will introduce you how to choose a tactical flashlight. The reason to chose a tactical flashlight instead of an ordinary flashlight, because a handheld tactical flashlight features better performances. A good tactical flashlight is equipped with a qualified and long-lifespan lamp, and also a safe and durable power supply, so it won’t drop the ball at the last minute. But how to identify whether a tactical flashlight is good or not?

The Cyansky K3 flashlight is handheld in the palm tactically.
Good tactical flashlight

Lamp and Power Supply

Most of the flashlight is equipped with a LED lamp, featuring great energy efficiency and with a much longer lifespan. The disadvantage of a LED is it burns out easily, so you’d better confirm with the supplier about LED brand information. Generally, Luminus, Cree and Osram LEDs are well-known brands and qualified enough for you.

There are two types of power supplies, or batteries, one is disposable and the other is rechargeable. If you want to choose a tactical flashlight that uses disposable batteries, make sure that the battery model is available around you or in the market. Do not choose flashlights with rare battery models, because batteries are difficult to buy.

Needless to say, the advantages of a rechargeable battery are money-saving and worry-free. It can be used all the time as long as they are not broken. But tactical flashlights that use rechargeable batteries also have disadvantages.

First of all, the battery cannot be used immediately and cannot be used while charging. Secondly, after the rechargeable battery is used for a long time, charging problems may occur. Therefore, it is recommended to prepare an additional battery charger and battery to ensure the normal use of the flashlight.

Lumens and Lighting Condition

Lumen is a physical unit that describes luminous flux and is used to measure the amount of light passing through an object per second. The higher the lumen value, the brighter the flashlight and the more power it consumes.

Some tactical flashlights even have a stroboscopic function, which produces super bright light to confuse or frighten the opponent and prevent the opponent from moving forward. In an emergency, a tactical flashlight can save your life.

If you want to choose a flashlight based on the lumens and lighting conditions of the flashlight, you need to consider the following points:

* Whether the flashlight has multiple modes to choose from, and a strobe mode to blind the opponent’s eyes is a great plus.

* The beam distance of the flashlight.

* The runtime of the flashlight at the settings with great performance.

* An extra hitting part to break windows, doors, or combat the opponent is a plus, like Cyansky K3 long-range tactical flashlight.

The palm-size tactical led flashlight in the hand.
Tactical LED Flashlight

Tactical Factors

For tactical flashlights, tactical capabilities are also key issues that need to be considered, including:

* Weight: Generally speaking, the lighter the weight of the tactical flashlight, the better, and it is easy to carry.

* Finish Processing: The black flashlight is more tactical, and more concealed when operated at night.

* Weather Resistance: You’d better choose a flashlight that is resistant to high and low temperatures, and is waterproof.

* Lens material: Generally speaking, the plastic lens is lighter and more versatile. Please choose a scratch-resistant lens.

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