In our last article, we share the general tactical uses of flashlights for police security or self-defense. Other than the simple use of tactical lights, there are some higher-level uses of tactical flashlights you may not know yet. Although they are less common, only tactical lights have the properties necessary to achieve the objectives in the following scenarios.


Although we don’t necessarily recommend tactical lights to start a fire, in situations in which you may need to go into survival mode, such as out in the wilderness, a tactical light can serve as a tool to start one. Adding some timber, or paper, or something flammable to the filament can spark a fire. For a tactical flashlight equipped with a filament-builtin bulb, the generated heat is enough to start a file, in a situation without the sunlight. A second technique involves catching the light from the flashlight and refracting it onto a pile of timber or other flammable material. This technique may mostly be used for a LED tactical flashlight, whose lighting theory is not by heat. A burning glass is a great plus with this technique.


In another survival scenario, a tactical light can be used to signal for help. In the absence of a flashlight, yelling or waving one’s hands are usually employed to signal for help. But imagine in a situation you are far away to get anyone’s attention. Your best bet, in that case, is to use some kind of visual signal that can be seen from a long distance off. Given its super-powerful light beam, as well as the strobe setting, a tactical flashlight is ideal for signaling for help. Let’s say you got lost while hiking and need someone to find you, or your car broke down on a dark country road and you need to signal to an oncoming car for help, a flashlight is a good way to flag someone down.


Not only patrolling, searching and rescuing applications for police use, but tactical lights are also updated continuously, and now, the higher-end tactical flashlights can be used in conjunction with a firearm. They were developed for target identification to be used in conjunction with a firearm mostly for law enforcement, military and security personnel. Their high-power output and lightweight design make them ideal for illuminating a dark area while also holding the flashlight one-handed with a firearm in the other.

A lighting LED tactical flashlight is mounted on an firearm.

There may be still a lot of uses we have not developed or found yet, but we are for sure that the uses for tactical lights are endless. The tool is incredibly versatile given the myriad special characteristics that distinguish it from a regular LED flashlight, making it perfect for an everyday carry flashlight.

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