A tactical flashlight can do a lot to police law enforcement and self-defense, of course, it depends on how the manufacturer designs to equip the light. Today, we will talk about what you can do maximumly with a tactical flashlight.

In our last article about tactical light, we talked about the tips to choose a tactical flashlight – how good lamp and power supply, lumens and lighting conditions, and the tactical factors to forge a real and practical tactical flashlight. But what can you do with a reliable tactical flashlight and how to use them, especially as an everyday carry a flashlight.

A man is flashed to close his eyes by a tactical flashlight torch.

Tactical Flashlight for Emergency Use

A tactical flashlight is extremely useful for everyday carry and can be especially useful during an emergency situation such as a power outage. When the lights go out, many people look for a flashlight to illuminate their homes. If you make a habit of carrying a LED tactical flashlight around with you, you’ll still keep the light right in the darkness. Especially the tactical light is both lightweight, powerful and has a long-run time, they are perfect for those power outage moments.

Tactical Flashlight for Self-defence

Have you ever been uneasy and praying not to encounter bad guys or similar situations when you are on a home bus or walking late at night? Many have been there.

Self-defense is a legal countermeasure that involves defending safety and health from harm. Even if you’ve never been in a situation where you have felt a genuine feeling of being unsafe, it never hurts to have a little reassurance about your next steps.

A tactical flashlight has a number of ways that it can be used for self-defense. Unlike firearms, the tactical light torch is legal in most areas around the world and can be carried and concealed, thus self-defense has become a popular use case for a handheld tactical torch. Here are the using tips on how to do self-defense with a tactical light.


We define illumination as the tactical use, why? Bad guys like to attack someone in a dark situation, then run away without being caught. It’s not easy to see their face clearly and send them to jail even if you call the police. They still win. Those have been forged to a psychological impression, or comment sense in your and their mind.

A tactical flashlight lights up dark places around you. You may be surprised to know that simple illumination of dark places could be used for self-defense, as well as boosting your courage. A would-be attacker will often use the cover of darkness to move around and hide. A tactical light, being as bright and powerful as it is, can be used simply as a deterrent.


Generally, the branded LED flashlights are bright enough to blind your eyes to the turbo mode. This is called flash blindness, which is not only on a flashlight but for general lighting gears in our life. Your retinas adjust to a low level of light after they are in a dark room for a period of time. When the lights are suddenly turned on, the suddenly increased light enters and overwhelms the retinas, causing a temporary moment of blindness.

BUCHA EFFECT (With Strobe Mode)

In addition to the general lighting modes from turbo to a low level, many of the lights are designed with a strobe mode. The enough-bright and flashing (rapid on and off) light that shines the eyes of an attacker is enough to make them shade their eyes or even blind them temporarily and disorient them significantly. This is known as the Bucha effect or flicker vertigo. Thus, this can be used to disorient an assailant as well and gives the user time to take any action or simply run away.


Light from most tactical flashlights beams several hundred meters to meet your tactical operations in a far way. Some long-range tactical flashlights are equipped with a hard head end, called a bezel. The bezel is made of sturdy metal, like zirconium, to help you combat an opponent. Another use is to break the car or home window or door, which is a great tool to self-rescue, or some else rescue you, when they find you in a bad situation, like a gas leak, or closed in a car.

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