It’s common sense that tactical flashlights were designed for professionals in police law enforcement and military actions, but now, they also play a great role for personal every day carry as a versatile tool. In this article, we’ll tell about what is an EDC tactical flashlight.

Cyansky P25 and P20 EDC tactical flashlights stand upright on the outdoor table.

Professional tactical flashlights carried by police and military were much bigger and long-lasting compared with the general personal flashlights in the past. While things change a lot with the advent of LED technology and longer-lasting and rechargeable batteries. Tactical flashlights have evolved to become smaller, compacter, brighter and tougher, no matter for professional or personal use. What makes an EDC flashlight tactical?


The first and most important characteristic of an EDC tactical flashlight is high output. Tactical flashlights are designed for personal everyday carry must be bright enough to disrupt the vision of an opponent or would-attacker so that they have to turn their head or shield eyes for self-defense. Many LED flashlight manufacturers are more capable of doing so to meet the high output.

What are lumens? The brightness of lights is usually measured in lumens. Lumens are a measure of the total amount of visible light to the human eye from a lamp or light source. So generally speaking, the more lumens, the brighter the flashlight. A flashlight with more than 1000 lumens is extremely bright as a personal use EDC tactical light.

The EDC tactical flashlight held by one hand beams high lumens white light.


A tactical flashlight needs to be able to be easily found and deployed by the user. Part of what facilitates that is the tail cap switch and a portable design.

The tactical flashlight will often be equipped with a tail switch button used to momentary or constant switch the light on and off. A tactical flashlight designed with a tail switch is to allow you to operate it in the darkness, so as to realize a quick self-defense action.

Though with great performance, the old-generation professional tactical lights are bigger and clumping, which are not big problems for the professional police or soldiers. However, modern tactical lights are generally speaking smaller and lighter weight, and still with high-performance, much easier for both professionals and personal EDC use.

One hand holds the Cyansky P25 palm-size tactical flashlight and adjusts the brightness level.


The EDC tactical flashlight should have a momentary-on option and a constant-on option. Momentary-on means that the user should be able to press the button slightly to turn it on, but then let go to turn it off. The constant-on option, as you might imagine, is when the tail switch is pressed down completely it keeps constant-on.

Present in the market, tactical flashlights designed with two switches are common —— The tail switch for tactical momentary and constant power on/off and the side switch for brightness and distance mode adjustment.

The strobe is another setting on the portable tactical light that can be used to disorient an assailant. The rapid on and off of the light causes a person or object the Bucha effect or flicker vertigo. In any case, all these settings should be able to be easily cycled through by tapping the tail cap button continuously.


We never hope a tool drops in a bad emergency, needless to say, the tactical light is used for self-security. In addition to the general illumination, the light is capable of the tactical application when a would-attacker is coming, or the other emergency situation. If it does run out of battery, it should be able to be recharged. Thus, long run-time and an option to recharge are paramount.


An EDC tactical flashlight should be robust and durable. Imagine that you are hiking at night and the flashlight drops off suddenly, or on a rainy, snowy, or cyclonic night, how fortunate if the well-working flashlight coming with you.

These flashlights usually have an end that is harder and normally has a distinctive serrated edge that is ideal for striking and doing some damage in the process. Sometimes threats need to be neutralized by any means necessary. An EDC tactical flashlight torch with these features is ideal for those situations.

A man holds the waterproof long-range tactical flashlight on a rainy day.


You now have a better understanding of what exactly an EDC tactical flashlight is. Cyansky K3 and P25 are two outstanding tactical flashlights for everyday carry.

Nevertheless, these flashlights are of the highest quality, and although they are designed for not only saving your time but keeping safe and round, they are also ideal for everyday carry or to keep around the house. You can inquire or shop the Cyansky EDC tactical flashlights as follows.

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