You’ll have to need one tactical flashlight if you are one policeman, security guard, bodyguard or military personnel to keep the surrounding environment and protected personnel safe and sound. However, with so many tactical police flashlights on the market nowadays, how to choose the best tactical police flashlight is challenging you. Today, we’ll talk about what makes a best police flashlight.

The security guard takes the police flashlight for patrolling.


To clear the spot, a police flashlight with high lumens will help to find the would-attackers easily, at least they don’t dare to come over or commit an offense. You must be thinking about how many lumens do police flashlights should? For police security, the ideal flashlight is over 1000 Lumens, which is the most critical factor.

Light Mode

If you’re a police officer, you’ll need to consider how will you use the security flashlight. If for long-range searching and rescuing, a long-range but narrow beam is preferred, and the flashlight with a wider and closer beam is recommended to illuminate your immediate environment and boost your depth perception.


When it comes to buying a police flashlight, batteries are also one of the key things to remember. Not only affecting the flashlight’s weight, but we also need to consider its life span and lighting. No one wishes to be left with a useless rechargeable light, especially for security applications. The rechargeable Li-ion battery is the highest performance battery on the market now.


Depending on the circumstances, the size would be a personal decision. You may want to hold a portable police flashlight torch into your hand and take it in your sweater or trousers pocket. Or you may need a well-built cop flashlight to discourage or even combat an attacker. It depends on you and where you would use it.

Type of Lamp

Although incandescent bulbs have their place, you’ll need the clarity of LED lamps to light up the night, especially if you are using the flashlight for security. A LED lamp is much lighter and more efficient than an incandescent bulb of the same size. There’s no way to compare the two.


Security jobs won’t always be on sunny nights, what’s more, illegal cases are more likely to happen in bad weather because of the blurred vision at that time. Take a highly waterproof police flashlight that will make sure it is not dead at an emergency moment.


Police flashlights are mainly intended for defensive use, the materials used to build them should be solid and durable. You’ll have to pick between metal and polyethylene because of their small weight and size. Anodized aluminum or bronze, bronze, stainless steel, or rubbers are popular materials for police lights. That’s because they are not only lightweight but also very durable. However, titanium is one of the most accessible materials to use because it is lightweight.

Heat Dissipation

Many buyers don’t consider this factor as they think it useless to a LED flashlight. However, it is. Good heat dissipation management leading to a cool environment protects the LED lamp, the sodered chips and components, which are the key parts to the lifespan of the whole flashlight. So, if you want to use the police flashlight for a much longer time, consider the brand and learn about their design about heat dissipation management.

Police Flashlight Brand

Now, moving on to the police flashlight brand. Don’t pursue a cheap one but choose a branded police flashlight torch. There are surely branded and qualified tactical cop flashlights on the market, here we add another one – Cyansky. Cyansky Light Integrates professional R&D, manufacturing, marketing and sales and is confident to be the preferred tactical flashlight brand, as well as their patented hunting torch. In addition to the 5-year warranty period, Cyansky Light provides adequate marketing and technical support for its dealers and customers.

Now they have the optimized official website and available online shop You can inquire to be a Cyansky dealer or shop directly from their shop based on your requirement.

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