The forests are losing and land is being desertizated resulting from human’s abnormal activities. For the sake of living, feral hogs have to come into people’s living areas, causing amounts of conflicts with people. Hunting hogs, no matter by self or recruited hunters, is a must in many areas around the world.

Two would-predating feral hogs are standing on the grassland.

It must have been a long time that you are in ground position, waiting for the familiar sound of a twig breaking under the hog’s foot. And also a long time to aim at and make the perfect shot. How many times have the hog been threatened away just because of your wrong light after a long-time of waiting and preparation?

Tactical hunting flashlight is one of the most useful gears a hunter can carry with them when hunting at night. Used to sweep the area when identifying the location of the animal, as well as for ensuring precise aim when making a shot, a good shooting flashlight for hunters can decide whether you gain the empty or shoot the hog to death. But, which color light is best for hunting hogs at night? Beyond all doubt, green hunting flashlight is ideal for hunting hogs at night.

As any good hunter knows, hunting is more than showing up in the woods with a shotgun, more than making a lucky shot. And in total darkness, and you better have all things prepared, including the easy-use led flashlight.

The feral hog finding food is illuminated by green hunting light.

Tactical flashlights fitted with green lights provide a good balance of intensity and brightness. The right brightness is key when hunting at night – if the light is too bright, you risk threatening away the animal; if the light isn’t bright enough, you risk being unable to properly identify the animal. Green light strikes this balance: it’s slightly brighter than red light, making it good for identifying an animal from a long distance, but is less intense than white light, meaning it won’t spook the animal.

To provide easier user for hunters, Cyansky team invents the world’s first LED hunting flashlight with color filter built-in. So that, hunters can easily switch color among the white, green and red light. The white light is for walking to a position and measuring distance, red light for coyote and other predators hunting, green light for feral hog hunting. You can choose the Cyansky H3 and Cyansky H5 depending on your practical shooting use.

The hand is holding the Cyansky K3 LED hunting flashlight with a man shining with green light.
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