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CYANSKY is a manufacturer from China. We develop, produce, and wholesale flashlight equipment tools for various fields.
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Export Data of Chinese Flashlights


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The market for flashlights is growing.

CYANSKY Annual Sales Data


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Our sales are increasing.

Number of CYANSKY Dealers


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We have a growing number of dealers.

The market continues to recognize CYANSKY‘s products.

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Product quality problems

15 days free replacement

CYANSKY offers a new replacement within 15 days of purchase for any manufacturing defects if the problem occurs in normal use.

5 years free repair

CYANSKY offers free repair within 5 years for lights from the date of purchase if the problem happens with normal use.

High praise from Influencers

So far, we have received 70 positive reviews from YouTubers.


Supply problems

Inventory management

We will prepare a certain amount of stock for each product model, especially the hot sale models.

Fast delivery

After the dealer places an order, the fastest delivery time is in 24 hours.


How to guarantee your interests

Regional exclusive distributor policy

We will only authorize one dealer in each city. You don't have to worry about competition from CYANSKY dealers in the same region.

MAP Policy

We will stop the supply and terminate the contract for dealers who violate the MAP policy to protect other distributors' interests. It will be helpful to prevent price wars and remain attractive to physical stores.

You can get from us

Get new products first

The dealer will receive our new products every month.

More discount

Dealers will enjoy more discounts on orders.

Receive the latest product magazine regularly

Update product catalog and product magazine regularly to facilitate distributors to understand products better and promote products.

Customize the display products for the flashlight

We can customize all kinds of display products for dealers to help them better display products and improve the customer purchasing experience.

Not only above, but you will also find more benefits of working with CYANSKY.

You focus on sales, and we do the rest


100% margin, maybe more.
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